kin’iromozaiku JAPAN ANIME Location SHOOTING SPOT

kin’iromozaiku JAPAN ANIME Location SHOOTING SPOT

kin'iromozaiku Location,SHOOTING SPOT MAP

It is a map of kin'iromozaiku's shooting location. Please enjoy the sacred pilgrims efficiently while enjoying the sightseeing in Japan.

kin'iromozaiku Sightseeing Tour Videos

It is a video of a person who went around the photography place of kin'iromozaiku. Let's go on a trip to an animation photographing place grasping the atmosphere of the location location by animation

kin'iromozaiku's shooting location impression of sightseeing

It is a homepage and blog of Japan traveling kin'iromozaiku's animation shooting place. Read sightseeing impressions and go out to the spot of the shooting location.